Tronoh Brew Kuala Lumpur

Are you a self proclaimed brew connoisseur? Or maybe you just like drinking any type of liquid that isn’t just water but is unique and true to itself? Then Tronoh Brew is the place for all you drinkers out there! And no we’re not talking about the ones that get you drunk. 

Located at Bukit Jalil, Tronoh Brew is a coffee shop or more specifically brewery that specialises in a variety of brews especially cold brews! With an extensive range of drinks such as coffee to flower teas, this little brewery is an inspiration from a kopitiam in Tronoh,Perak owned by the owner’s grandfather! Determined to pass down the family’s legacy and realise a hobby into a dream, the owner started Tronoh Brew in February 2019!

We were served a variety of cold brews and they also have a line up of cold beverages that are chilled in glass flasks for the go! You can get some of the coffee on the menu from this line up if you like them plain! 

Black Tin,White Tin, Blue Fragrant

From left to right, Black Tin that has a strong kopitiam flavour, White Tin for lightness and Blue Fragrant that is brewed from butterfly pea flower for a sweet and mild drink!

So first up, the coffees for all you caffeine deprived individuals! We have the Ice Cube Coffee and Ice Shaken Black that has uses Black Tin as a base! Equipped with a strong  yet mellow flavour, these drinks is perfect for those that seek a smooth and slightly sweet taste!

Ice Cube Coffee
Ice Shaken Black

And then we have the classics with a twist! Black and White Latte respectively with Black and White Tin as bases so you can choose how strong you like your coffee to be!

Black Latte

White Latte

Last but not least, we have the Blue Magic and Blue Tropical that are both brewed from butterfly pea flowers except that Blue Tropical has a berries mix to it! These has a mild yet pleasant sweetness to it and since they are made from natural ingredients which makes them guilt free as well!

Blue Magic
Blue Tropical