Xin Chao Viet Nam Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

"Xin Chào" means "Hello" in Vietnamese. You can already feel the restaurant's friendliness through its name

Located in Publika, Xin Chao brings out the Vietnamese colors with their bright yellow interior decorated with traditional Vietnamese silk lanterns. The ambience of the restaurant feels warm and carries an oriental vibe as if you had arrived in Vietnam.

Xin Chao is a pork free restaurant and offers a list of Vietnamese dishes ranging from main dishes like Pho and Vermicelli bowls to special dishes like Vietnamese hot pot. You are able to customise your pho broth with the condiments and sauces provided to suit your own palate. Besides, the restaurant also carry small bites delicacies like spring roll, lemongrass chicken and mango salad.

The must-try dishes at Xin Chao will definitely be their Pho (beef/ chicken/ vegetarian), Stir-fry lemongrass chicken rice with egg and grilled chicken dry vermicelli. Don't miss out their caramel pudding as a dessert if you have a sweet tooth!

The price point for Xin Chao is medium high considering their location but for the quality of food and service provided, it will definitely be worth it.