What more salivating than a must-try pure Javanese Ayam Penyet which you can get it grilled or roasted as you wish with spicy yet addictive sambal. The tempeh is fried crunchy outside and white soft inside, perfectly presented on a plate alongside with hot steamed rice.

The comfortable and convenience amenity is good to tag your kids along. Besides, smokers are not allowed to smoke inside of the store to keep the hygiene and the air clean to breathe peacefully. Wong Solo restaurant is easily recognized due to their beautiful traditional Javanese uniforms worn by the waiters and waitress.

Operating everyday from 11.30 AM to 11.00 PM, there is no any other chance for the restaurant to stay empty. Their Indonesia cuisines and cultural environment encourage people to put first this place to visit with family. Their food diversity eases the customers to make choices for different tastes.

The taste of the sambal for every dishes are mouth-watering and mind blowing. It takes a mixture sweet sauce and sambal to make it less spice for those who are not into spice. No worries, a cup of water is given for free! However, the sambal will be a good friend of yours once you have tried it! What are you waiting for?