For those in the Ampang area who are finishing up their last hours of their work day, and looking to have a good time to wind down from the stresses of their confined offices, look no further to White Horse Tavern of AMPWalk Mall in Kampung Keramat for an near-authentic tavern experience.

If you’re walking along the streets of Jalan Ampang, keep an eye out for a Guinness Barrel lamp as the tavern’s landmark, which you find a small flight of wooden stairs that will take you into the establishment. Then take a seat either inside, where all the tables and chairs are at, or maybe outside with the fresh air and barrel-shaped tables and stools for an authentic tavern experience.

A billiards table is also inside, just across the other entrance of the bar if you’re coming in from the mall. Just pay RM3 for the balls, crab a cue stick, and go toe to toe with your friends and other strangers for a friendly game of Pool. Alternatively, for those with the gift of gab, a small stage is also present at the corner of the bar, allowing for live performances.

And since you are in a bar, why not have some food to enhance the experience with your friends? Share a Dad’s Breakfast Pizza with your friends, a handmade pizza with a guacamole sauce and topped off with every breakfast item imaginable. Such as bacon, hashbrowns, sausages, baked beans, sausages, eggs, and finally, mozzarella cheese.

If the pizza shared between all of you is not enough, White Horse Tavern has other options as well. Burgers with fat patties made of beef or pork, served with fries with two different sauces to dip into. Some of them even having special twists like a whole fried softshell crab stacked on top of a beef patty.

If you’re not ordering a dish to share, and everyone is ordering a main course for their own, on dish that is recommended are pork chops. But not just any pork chop, but a Pork Chop & Dynamite Sausages, where a meaty slab of pork shoulder is served with a scoop of mashed potatoes, a gravy boat full of gravy, and White Horse Tavern’s signature Dynamite Chili Sausages they also sell.

And for the festive time of the year, White Horse Tavern also offers Christmas Turkeys for RM350 per bird, but is only available for takeouts, so no dining in, should you ever have a Christmas dinner, there.