There is always room for desserts, don't you think? At Whip Up, desserts just don't fill up the menu but it aims to fill up every customers heart! Chef Tee is the dessert wizard and the mastermind behind all the desserts created at Whip Up. He has carefully created a fine selection of deserts that covers sweet, chocolaty, creamy and even boozy. Add that with some good coffee, hot meals and good company, and there you have it - the idea of a perfect treat! 

Before jumping straight into dessert and all the sweetness, we had some of their hot meals meals. On the list was "Seafood Marinara (RM29)," this is something seafood lovers must have. Served with the freshest seafood served in one plate, accompanied by the perfect textured pasta and super tasty tomato sauce. This dish contains seafood such as black mussels, prawns and squid.

The next dish is no stranger to anyone, it's the "Spaghetti Carbonara (RM25)" This plate of spaghetti is unlike anything you've tasted. The sauce used is made with their own recipe and it comes with mushroom and your choice of either chicken ham or beef bacon. We decided to go with chicken ham and it is super tasty! 

Moving on to a dish that is trending and healthy, it's the fruit bowl called "Tropical Sunshine (RM19)" This is a fruity bowl of goodness filled with mangoes, passion fruit and banana, mingled with granola, fresh fruits and sprinkled with chia seeds and coconut flakes, and then blended with fresh yogurt. This is definitely worth trying! 

Over here at Whip Up, the desserts they serve are their main attraction. We decided to give the tiramisu cake a try, but it's not like the usual ones where you get in bakeries. This tiramisu cake is called "Do You Want To Build A Tiramisu? (RM19)" And we're sure your answer is "Of course I do!" Come and experiment Whip Up's tray kit equipped with mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, wine and a choice of crunchy toppings (caramelized almonds or chocolate curls) This is a super fun cake to build even more delicious when eaten! What you waiting for? Now, go get building! 



Just like every other cafe in Klang Valley, Whip Up also serves freshly brewed coffee such as their much loved "Sea Salt Caramel Latte (RM13)" Swirled in home-made caramel sauce with Malton sea salt, the sweetness and saltiness is just perfect. 

Next is for all the green tea lovers out there, you should totally give the "Green Tea Latte (RM12)" a try! The smoothness and creaminess of the drink is what stands out the most for us! 

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