Waroeng Ayam Penyet is one of the best place for you to fill your craving towards spicy dishes. They have been featured in newspapers and magazines in Singapore and Malaysia - Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (TV3). They serve variety of dishes from chicken to fishes, hot to cold drinks and many more. However, whenever you stop by at NU Sentral for shopping, you would not want to miss the signature course here, Ayam Penyet.


Does not it look salivating to you? To me, my first stop whenever I go to NU Sentral is the 4th floor of the mall to catch this yummy crunchy flattened fried chicken with the Ice Cendol. However, here might be crowded with hungry patrons queuing at lunch hours. So bear in mind if you do not want to get drowned in the middle of the crowd.

There are another dishes which would salivate your buds. Here got flattened fried pomfret and flattened fried beef for those who are not partial to chicken, perhaps. These are all deep fried to perfection with crispy skinned outside , popping in your mouth. Plus, you can have the seafood lunch meal promo comes with rice and large size soft drinks. Best part is, you can refill you own sambal yourselves. This would definitely save your penny!

Dare to refill more Hot Sambal Sauce?