Twenty5 Restaurant & Catering Kuala Lumpur

Located along one of the busiest streets in Sri Petaling, Twenty5 Restaurant and Catering is an eatery that serves a variety of main dishes, coffee and desserts. 

The cafe has a very pretty and relaxing atmosphere. We particularly loved the artistic decorations of metallic gears that covered one side of the wall, and the Ted Bear plushies beneath them. It's just too cute! 

At Twenty5, you can have breakfast for lunch and dinner. The "Big Breakfast (RM24)" consist of a perfect flaky buttered croissant, chicken ham, sausages, potato hash, scrambled egg, salad green and baked beans. Everything on the plate compliments each other so well, and the best thing about this dish is that they separated the baked beans into a small cup so that the moisture doesn't affect the other elements on the plate! Genius! 

Next on the list we had the "Chicken Herbs Cream (RM20)" pasta has bold flavors redolent with 8 types of different herb blend, fresh cream, 3 pieces of crispy karage chicken and tropical salsa. If you love pesto, this is definitely something you'll want to have. The thickness and creaminess of the sauce is just perfect. 

You know how salted egg dishes is taking over the world? It's no different here at Twenty5. Their "Awesome Crispy (RM21)" is a deep fried super crispy chicken served alongside some fries, green salad and crazy salted egg sauce. We loved this dish because the salted egg sauce does not over power the taste of the chicken, which is something not many restaurants can do. 

What we had next is not something you always get at a cafe. It is a very unique and special dish that comes at a very affordable price. The "Pan-seared Duck (RM24) is simply smoked duck breast served with creamy mash potato, vegetables and honey balsamic vinegar. The meat was tender and seasoned to perfection, legit a super delicious meal to have here! 

For all the coffee lovers, this cafe is very special because they have many unique kind of coffee. First is the "Charcoal Latte (RM14)", It’s black/ grey-ish in color, so it’s pretty "Instagrammable", and proponents of the hot new health drink claim it’s the perfect ‘digestive cleanser’ after a heavy meal! 

Next is the "24K Gold Latte (RM14)" this coffee has a very beautiful shine to it. Taste like an ordinary latte, but even once you've finished drinking, the latte art and shininess is still visible. 

Lastly is a drink that almost every cafe in Klang Valley has on their menu, the well-known and much loved "Rose Latte (RM10)" There is nothing not to love about this drink. 

At Twenty5, they also have cakes to go along with your coffee or to have as your dessert!  Their burnt cheesecake is a must have before you leave! The texture of the cake is so smooth and simply just melts on your tongue. It comes in three flavors: 

Original Burnt Cheesecake (RM14)

Matcha Burnt Cheesecake (RM14)

Charcoal Burnt Cheesecake

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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