Trust Issue KL Kuala Lumpur

Trust Issue KL is located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras and has just started operating around 2016. However, the welcome that they been receiving is so encouraging that they aim to make themselves better. You may be taken aback by the name but trust us this place is worth it! What's so special about this restaurant?

Just like any other cafes around, this cafe is has such a good vibe the moment you enter and a perfect place to unwind after a stressful day at work. Each corner of the restaurant has a different seating arrangement, and if you're a smoker don't worry there are tables and chairs specially designated outside the restaurant for you! 

The food and beverages served here are a combination of Italian-Malaysian fusion inspired by the ingredients and style of cooking! We were given different dishes to try from local to western even desserts! And we'd love to share some of it with you! 

You've heard about aglio olio and ayam percik as two individual dishes, but have you ever heard of a combination of both of that or ever imagined that this two separate dishes can be merged into one? Sounds unique, right? Only at Trust Issue KL you can get get yourself a "Aglio Olio Ayam Percik (RM20)" 

This dish is a combination of South East Asian and Italian cuisine. The pasta is very soft and goes perfectly with a very well-season ayam percik that is coated in the special  homemade ayam percik sauce. This dish is absolutely filling!

Next we were given to try the "Aglio Olio Smoked Duck (RM20)" this is an oil-based pasta that is served with sauteed smoked duck with a hint of cilantro. The smoked duck is tender and moist and has a nice smoky taste to it. 

We were also served the "Braised Chicken Burger with Mozzarella Cheese (RM18.90)" Even by just looking at the picture you'd start drooling. This dish was introduced a few months back and has been one of their best sellers! 

The special thing about the burger is that the patty is made from scratch which makes it even more delicious than the processed and store bought ones. It is also topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese which is then melted on to the burger! This dish comes with curly fries and it's definitely something you must try while you're here! 

Enough with the Western food, let's now focus on the local and authentic cuisine that Trust Issue serves! "Masak Lomak Waghih-San (RM15.90)" This dish is one of the best sellers here at this cafe and the customers really love it!

What makes this dish so delicious is that the succelent daging bakar is cooked in an authentic masak lomak gravy and served with "ikan masin" (salted fish) and "acar" (pickled vegetable) The different elements in this dish makes is so flavorful and very delicious. 

Pretty sure after such a hearty meal you'd need some really good thirst quenchers. Trust Issue served us three very beautiful and insta-worthy looking drinks. We were served 3 drinks named Joker, Harley Quinn and Blue Lagoon. Yes you heard it right, sounds like the cast from Suicide Squad huh? 

1. Joker (RM8.90) 

Just like the name, this drink is for sure to mess up your taste buds as it's a combination of rose and lemon syrup infused in purple colored water. 

2. Harley Quinn (RM8.90)

You can already imagine what the drink would look like by just knowing the name. This drink is very unique as we can't exactly tell what the flavor is but just a mixture of sweet and sour. It still taste good, no doubt. 

3. Blue Lagoon (RM8.90) 

This drink is a very popular drink during the summer time, but in Malaysia it's summer for us all year long so you can get this anytime you want! As name suggests, it has a visually delightful lagoon blue color as well as refreshing taste. 

One of the best desserts sold here at Trust Issue is the "Sizzling Brownie (RM20)" The chocolate brownie is topped with a vanilla ice cream so can you get the best of both worlds. Why have choose between a hot or cold dessert when you have it all in serving?

The brownie is usually served with a cup of hot melted chocolate by the side, and then it will be poured onto the hot plate and the satisfaction from the sizzling sound is unbelievable. Definitely a must have! 

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