The Lanai Lounge @ Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

Contrasting to the modern day contemporary themes such other hotels, The Royale Chulan takes a step back to uphold a sense of the Malay culture that contrasts fast-paced modern development. This five-star hotel is based on the traditional design of a Malay palace while also carrying polished marble floors and staircases to crystal chandeliers as to hint a modernisation to the traditional décor. The Lanai Lounge is placed in the luxurious and spacious hotel foyer equipped with leather club chairs behind floor-to-ceiling glass walls that sets a verdant display of the garden.

As you step into The Lanai Lounge, be prepared to be pampered. Easily accessed by visitors and diners, the lounge is perfect for a meeting or gathering of friends and family accompanied by hearty drinks and delectable treats and high tea. Here visitors are greeted by their elegant Lanai Ladies and serenaded by live harmonious music in hopes to soothe your soul after a long busy day. The Lanai Lounge offers a selection of high tea, premium coffee or tea and English treats. 

Though a la carte menu is available, the lounge features English High Tea and freshly prepared tea atop a Flambeu. Three menu selections of Western delicacies such as scones, cupcakes, pastries and puffs are served in a three-tier stand. As of August, they have introduced Muhibbah High tea that includes Malay, Chinese and Indian delicacies such as Nyonya Kueh, Egg Tart, Fried Wantan and Katti Roll.

As the Lanai Ladies serve tables with elegance of a swan-like grace, the world seems to stop and in no rush as the tea preparation ritual is a part of the service to let you enjoy and relax comfortably.