Have you always fantasised to dine in with a view of an aquarium filled with fish? Now there is a near experience can be experienced at The Hungry Spoon. Despite the lack of small coloured sea fishes, a large blue tank in the wall homes an exotic beautiful baby shark. This humble looking café is surrounded with simple black and white furniture and additional ornaments such as picture frames as well as simple rustic brick walls to further create contrast and relaxing and cosy ambience. The exciting experience does not stop there as a wide list of dashing Western cuisine is ready for its customers. The kitchen is skilfully handled by Chef Fei and Chef Rahim to make sure that each dish delivers an unforgettable taste to its customers.
With reasonable prices, The Hungry Spoon menu is simple and straightforward while also providing a brief description for each dish. There is a selection of brunch, pizzas, appetisers, pastas, mains, sandwiches, snacks, desserts and drinks that would fit everyone’s preferences. Start your big day with the signature big breakfast, The Big made with two sunny side up or creamy scrambled eggs, hash brown, two turkey hams, two chicken sausages, chipotle baked beans and toast.
You can share a homemade The Hungry Spoon pizza with your family or friends. If you are a pasta person, go for their The Piment Blank pasta cooked with mixed seafood with chillies, homemade chilli paste and creamy white sauce. Other signatures include Pan seared salmon and Chicken Philly Cheese Sandwich.
Who says you can’t have waffles for brunch, lunch and dinner? Alternate your usual savoury meal to something sweet with The Hungry Spoon’s signature waffles. Why go small when you can go big? Perfect for any celebration with your friends or family, The Celebration Waffle is a platter of four waffles, six scoops of homemade ice cream and decorated with fruits, candies, cereals and according to them, lots of love! Other desserts such as sticky toffee cake, “THS Sundaes” and six or more choices of homemade ice cream are available for dessert lovers.
Don’t let your throat dry out and choose these beverages from their selection of coffee, teas, chocolate drinks, fresh juices, frappes, coolers and sodas.