As a Penangite himself, Matthew understands the hardship of finding good authentic Penang food in KL which made his decision to open up The Hawker Street. The people behind The Hawker Street aim to bring what is local in Penang to those who live in KL and to cure the homesick of Penangites in KL. The Hawker Street features a limited menu with some of the iconic foods in Penang, although short in variety but they certainly made it up with the quality of food. In addition, this small but well maintained place revolves around a cozy café concept, serving good food in great environment.

Topping the menu as one of the popular items would definitely be their Asam Laksa, the noodles cooked to perfection and dunked in a spicy-tangy broth with a hint of sweetness will get your senses tingling before your first taste. Perfecting the dish is the generous amount of toppings like cucumbers, pineapples, onions and chilli. If you’re up for another level of spice, opt for the Hokkien Prawn Mee and Penang White Curry Mee instead. Both are known to tackle those spicy cravings of yours.   

Spice might not be your forte, in this case you could go for their Char Kuey Teow. Nothing can go wrong with this plate of flat-rice noodles stir-fried with a decent portion of cockles, chives, bean sprouts and eggs. Topped with two large-sized prawns, the smokiness from the wok is indeed the secret ingredient of the recipe. Lastly, perfect your meal with some desserts and of course they have the Penang infamous Cendol but the one that you should try is their Corn Flake Sago Melaka.

Is all this talk about Penang food making you hungry? Then you might want to head over to The Hawker Street to try it yourself. 

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