Saigon Station is at a walking distance from various hotels and malls in the city center (Bukit Bintang/ Jalan Imbi). Located along the famed hawker streets in KL- Jalan Alor, the restaurant serves Vietnamese street food, Vietnamese home cooked food and even exotic delicacies like sea snails and frog meat.

The restaurant is owned by Vietnamese natives. Hence, they have many Vietnamese customers too. The restaurant's atmosphere is of a typical Southeast Asian style restaurants with plastic tables and chairs. It might make you feel like you had suddenly entered Saigon's food streets. 

If you have the chance to stop by Saigon Station, you might want to give their pho(beef/ chicken) and BBQ chicken wings a try. If you are adventurous enough and love exotic eats, definitely challenge their frog meat and sea snails too!

The price point for Saigon Station is affordable considering their location. Another notable point for Saigon Station is that they opens 24 hours daily which means you can get your authentic Vietnamese food fix at any day any time!