Restoran Eden Dim Sum City Kuala Lumpur

What would be a better way to start your mornings? With Restoran Eden Dim Sum City, a good day is certain. Bringing you a rather simple and humble setting like most Chinese restaurants and dim sum joints, servers come with bamboo baskets and plates filled with a wide range of piping hot dim sum to your convenient. Enjoy your breakfast, yumcha and supper at Eden Dim Sum City as they are opened as early as 7am until 12.30am daily except Tuesday and until 5pm on Sundays.

Made fresh and in house on a daily basis, the restaurant prepares a wide variety of dim sum served in either bamboo baskets for dim sum made with premium ingredients such as abalone, scallops and clams and plates for normal dim sum.  Ranging from steamed to fried dim sum and other delectable dim sum dishes, there are the traditional Siew Mai, Gui Ling Gao, Har Gao with mini abalone, prawn and meat wrapped in a thin luminous har gao skin as well the normal Har Gao, Fu Chok, Bacon wrap, Smoked duck wrap with Bacon are among many other selections available.

Other patrons’ favourite at Eden Dim Sum are the porridge, scallop Chee Cheong Fun, Tom Yam Chicken, Deep Fried bean curd skin, Char Siew Sou with crispy fluffy puff pastry and pork filling, oven-baked Egg tarts as well as custard buns with oozy silky salted Egg Yolk custard. Fish paste wrap with pork skin is also another rare dish and cannot be found anywhere else. Simple accompany your dim sum meal with Pu’er tea and you are good to go!

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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