Ratatouille Kuala Lumpur

Wish you could have a full spread western meal without burning a hole in your pocket? Ratatouille is the perfect place! What started out as just a cartoon about how a rat managed to impress the customers by using a variety of different ingredients to create beautiful and mouth-watering dishes that no one has ever really thought about, truly enough the owner, Mr Chang Kah Aun was inspired by the movie and decided to open up a restaurant called “Ratatouille.”

Hawker stall by day, a western restaurant at night, Ratatouille is the talk of the town. They serve premium meat at a reasonable price with such delecant taste, the only way for you to believe it is for you to try it out yourself!

The menu is filled with appetizers, pasta’s, lamb, seafood and chicken, you name it! It’s glorious!


For appetizers, you would want to surely try the home-made mushroom soup with garlic bread (RM7). The texture of the soup is thick and creamy and there is a generous amount of fresh sliced mushrooms in the soup. Don’t forget to dip the garlic bread in the soup!


If you’re looking for a healthier appetizer, order their chef salad (RM7), the bowl is filled to the brim with cherry tomatoes, corn, grated carrots and cabbage and drizzled with a spicy citrusy dressing.


For pastas, we would strongly recommend you to get the Creamy Carbonara (RM15) which is also the best seller at Ratatouille. The noodle is coated in thick and creamy carbonara sauce and topped with ham and a perfectly poached wobbly egg.


If you’re a meat lover this is for you! They serve beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, duck and seafood and it’s insane to not want to try everything. Grill smoked duck (RM23) is a must have when you’re here. The meat is fried without oil as the chef prefers using the natural oil from the duck skin which helps enhance the flavor. The meat is tender and easy to cut into. It is served alongside mash potato and coleslaw.


Another dish that you would have to try is the New Zealand Lamb Shoulder (RM20). The meat is slightly tough but the flavors in the meat is just perfect. Served alongside sweet corn, coleslaw and mash potato, there is nothing to not love about this meal!


I don’t think you’re ready for the next one. This dish is a must try when you’re visiting Ratatouille. It is the Signature BBQ Pork Ribs (RM22). The meat is cooked to perfection, to the point it is so soft that it falls off the bone. This dish is bursting with flavors and the taste is out of this world. They do provide you with gloves as this dish can get a little messy, but fret not its finger-licking good.


Next, let’s take a look at their chicken dishes on the menu. Rosemary chicken (RM20) is a deep fried chicken thigh, marinated with rosemary. The fragrant of this dish is amazing because of the herbs used. The meat is also very tender and juicy as the flavor from the rosemary soaks into the chicken flesh. It’s unlike any other chicken meal you’ve had.


Another chicken dish available is the Italian Chicken Chop (RM18). You know how usually tomato puree and cheese are used on pizza, imagine both that ingredient on a chicken. And if you’re a cheese lover, this one is for you. The flavors from the tomato puree, cheese and chicken just blends so well together.


Another brilliant creation is the Grill Salmon with Salsa sauce (RM23). The salmon use for this meal is fresh and lean. The salsa sauce gives a unique kick to it as well as the fragrant herbs used.  Don’t forget to drizzle the lemon juice on the fish to bring out more flavors!


If you’re wanting to have dessert after such a hearty meal, don’t worry they have crème bulee with ice cream available, or even if you just want the ice cream alone, you can!