Ole-Ole Bali @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Looking for a fancy and classy place yet have a local touch to dine at with your family? You will find it here at Ole-Ole Bali. Experience the sensations of Bali each time you step into any of their outlets. This is surely a place where all your sense will come to live! 

With cozy and beautiful interiors, to the delicious thirst-quenching beverages served alongside taste food enhanced with fragrant aromatic spices and not forgetting the very varm and friendly service by the staff. 

For starters you should get the Tipak Cantuk (RM19). It's a Balinese Warm Vegetable Salad with Grilled Chicken, deep-fried tofu, rice cake and hard boiled egg, served with Tamarind Peanut Dressing. 

For your main course, we would suggest you get the famous Nasi Campur (RM37). It's a combination of Balinese grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, fish with your own personal choice of beef or chicken rendang and sate lilit, served with lawar kacang (a type of beans salad), rempeyek (Anchovy Crackers), sambal terasi and sambal matah. It's a flavorful meal and with the portion being so big, it is definitely meant to be shared with 2-3 people.

If you're a pasta lover, you'll totally dig this. It's their Balinese Aglio Olio. Sauteed pasta with a twist of Balinese flavor, cooked to perfection with sambal matah, served with diced tomatoes, fried shallots and lime edges. With your preference of meats selection, which are grilled prawns, squid and fish, sauteed lamb or grilled chicken. 

The one you see in the picture below is the Balinese Aglio Olio with grilled prawns, squid and fish (RM35). It's a very unique combination of flavors, but you surely won't be disappointed. 

Don't you worry, we also have something for those bread and western food lovers. Big Mouth Burger (RM35) is made of burger patties that 100% ground beef and char-boiled with Balinese Seasoning, served thick and juicy on a Ciabatta Bun, accompanied with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and everybody's favorite, a sunny side up. 

The burger itself cost you only RM29, but you have the option to add on cheese and a fried egg for only RM2 each. And for you who likes having mushroom together with your food, you may also add on sauteed mushrooms for RM3. 

If you are bold enough, why not go for the "ALL-IN" option just like we did! It's delicious! 

I'm sure after indulging in all that Balinese goodness, you'd definitely would need something to wash it all down. If you like something warm and not too sweet, have a sip of their Fresh Lemongrass & Ginger Tea (RM9). Just by reading the name you know that it's a drink that will refresh you. The combination of the lemongrass and ginger is definitely strong but very soothing at the same time. The drink also comes along with a sweet peanut candy that will surely remind you of your childhood days. 

And if you're feeling fearless, adventurous, and want something more savory, why not give the chili and mango drink a try. It's a mixture of mango, lemon, lime, orange, and a touch of red chili padi in sparkling soda. This beverage surely "packs a punch". 

We also have something for all you coffee addicts out there. You will need to have a unique liking for the Coconut Latte (RM12). It definitely taste bitter-sweet as it's a mixture of coconut and coffee in a drink. You're also given a few coconut shavings by the side of your cup that goes perfectly with every sip of the latte. 

Ole-Ole Bali is unlike any other. They don't believe in the saying "for illustration purposes only" as they want to give customers the best dine-in experience possible. The chefs put a lot of effort into making sure that the images you see in the menu will be exactly what you see with your own eyes when your food is served in front of you. From the angle of the straws, to where the chicken is placed on the plate even to how the fork and spoons are placed. In the wise words of Flip Wilson "what you see is what you get."