You know what they say – there is more than meets the eye. Do not be intimidated by this humble and simple petit shop because unlike your usual waffle joints, My Waffle Shop offers one of the best waffles that you have been searching for. Fashioning a colour combination of violet and pink, one should be able to detect the shop from afar. Despite the absence of places to sit, you can easily munch on their waffles as well as other items available in convenient paper bags while you walk to your next destination. So stop your search now and head on to My Waffle Shop located at the bustling Wangsa Maju LRT Station.

The star of My Waffle Shop is of course, waffles! This simple waffle snack complements well with any one or two selection of flavours ranging of chocolate, butter, kaya, peanut butter, blueberry and strawberry. Each bite of the crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside waffle slathered with the signature flavour combo of chocolate and peanut butter may result in a burst of flavours in your mouth that we are not responsible of. Other customers’ favourite flavour combos are chocolate and butter, peanut butter and blueberry and more. With six waffle machines available, your order will be prepared in no time. Waffles are best served piping hot!

Aside waffles, My Waffle Shop also serves Kaya Balls generously filled with kaya, Sweet Corn, creamy Mashed Potatoes and soda beverages to quench your thrist on a sunny day with!