As you take a swift turn to Jaipur Mahal, you will instantly sense the majestic presence of Jaipur Mahal. Though this Indian restaurant seemingly looks like a two-storey restaurant, there is a flight of stairs with shade going up towards the actual location of the restaurant. As it is in KL, one may be concerned with parking however Jaipur Mahal provides an immense parking space for free to their guests. For pure authentic Indian cuisine, Jaipur Mahal provides the truest Indian cuisine experience to not only the locals but international patrons as well.

Once you step inside, the restaurant is filled with the lovely aroma of Indian spices and curry and the scent would result your tummy to grumble. Be prepared to fine dine in their luxurious yet humble restaurant simply adorned with simple furniture and walls decorated with original paintings and frames imported all the way from Jaipur with illustrations of the elegant Indian culture.

Perfect for huge family gatherings, birthdays, weddings as well as corporate events, Jaipur Mahal not only serves a la carte in restaurant but also catering and buffets. Immerse yourself with one of the restaurant’s signature dishes; the Chicken Tandoori made of tender chicken marinated in fresh creamy yoghurt along with their special-made masala is then charbroiled to perfection. Another pristine dish to complement the tandoori is the Murron Rogan Josh as well as Paneer Tikka Lababdar. Basically anything ranging from appetizers to desserts from the Indian cuisine choices can be selected from their array list of menu.

As long as the authenticity goes, the desserts and drinks are also close to the Indian influence such as Paan Ki Kulfi as well flavoured lassi and pure blend juices - finishing off your wonderful authentic Indian cuisine journey at Jaipur Mahal.

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