Dribble Pub & Bistro is located in the busy streets of Taman Desa. This is a perfect place for all you football lovers as this place is also known as a football fans club. This place is not only trendy but it is also vibrant, accommodating, and best of all it comes with a great drinks selection.


It's the same story every time a group of friends want to hangout. One of them wants cocktails. One wants somewhere with great music. The other wants something different. And usually it ends with no one knowing where to go. At Dribble you do not have to worry as this place is perfect for everyone. From their selection of drinks, to the variety of food available for you to choose and not forgetting a pool table for you to enjoy a game or two with your friends and family. 

The atmosphere in this place is relaxing, upbeat and friendly. The staff and the owners are always ready to serve you. We know that after a week of grinding away in the office, sometimes all you need is a place to unwind and relax. And trust us when we say that this is a perfect place for you.

You know how typically when you hear the word “pub” you  would automatically think that it serves Western food right? Over at Dribble they are extraordinary because they not only serve western but they also have Indian and Chinese cuisine. It’s so rare to find a place that serves such variety alongside sensational drinks. 

We were given three types of Indian dishes and it was certainly spicy, rich, and so flavourful. To begin, we were given the Dribble Mutton Varuvel. This spicy, tasty, tender goat dish is going to wow you with its complex balance of flavors. 

On to the next dish, we had Dribble Chicken Varuvel. This spicy, dry fried chicken dish is jam-packed with the complex flavor of herbs and spices unlike anything you\ve ever tried. The meat is so tender that it falls off the bone of the chicken so easily. This is a must try!

The next dish is the best seller here at Dribble! This dish packs a punch and will leave your tastebuds craving for more. It’s a simple dish but made with passion. The mutton curry is superb. The delicious chunks of meat are cooked until tender and the absorption of flavors from the spices into meat makes it so much more tastier. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing, sultry cocktail to highlight your party mood, this piña colada is it. This sweet cocktail made with rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice is perfect for a chill night out with friends. 

We also had a tequila sunrise which is a cocktail made of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup. There are many things to love about the tequila sunrise. It's easy to mix up at a moment's notice, and a beautiful, refreshingly fruity cocktail. 

These are not the only two drinks they have at the pub, they have a selection of cocktails, mojito and beers available to suit everyone's taste.

Do take note that the place gets a little bit crowded on the weekends but fret not as there is plenty of space for everyone. Booking for weekends is available but it needs to be done at least 4 days in advance before the actual date. Whereas for weekdays, a day ahead booking is totally fine. For booking you may contact +6011-31811701.