Didie's Kitchen and Coffee Kuala Lumpur

What started off as a lunch box delivery service soon moving on to catering, and then the next step can only be opening up a physical restaurant. Opened in December 2015, Didie's Kitchen and Coffee has brought such a positive impact to the folks of Setapak, especially those in Taman Danau Kota. 

When we asked the owner why did she open up a restaurant so far away from the city, her reason was because after much scouting for the perfect area to run a business they realized at that time in Setapak there was no actual decent dine-in restaurant. So with that in mind, they opened up Didie's Kitchen and Coffee which is a Fusion restaurant focusing more on Western food but don't worry there is also local food for all you non-western lovers. 

The moment we entered the cafe, we were greeted by the very friendly staff. The cafe concept is simply yet trendy and pleasant looking. As you walk in, you'll surely notice the painted wall that will give you some "Instagram worthy" shots. Make you take as many shots as you can and tag them! 

Besides the amazing interior design that caught our attention, the food that they served us was even more amazing! For starters, under the "bites & munchies" menu, we tried the "Cheezling Pepper Fries (RM12)" Just from the name alone you'd probably be expecting an overwhelming taste or  pepper in the sauce, to our surprise the sauce tasted so good. It had the right amount of spices and the gravy was thick and super flavorful. Definitely a must try when you're here! Do be careful as it comes on a hotplate. 

Just like every other cafe around, there'll always be pasta on the menu! But here at Didie's Kitchen and Coffee, they combine pasta with different signature grilled meat. The one we tried was the "Grilled Cheesy Chicken with Aglio Olio and Vegetable (RM22)" This was a full plate of goodness. The chicken was seasoned to perfection, and do keep in mind that the pasta is spicy. So if you can't really handle the heat, do request them to make it less spicier! 

Next on the menu was the "Grilled Lamb (RM28)" The meat was tender and packed with flavors! The lamb was marinated and seasoned very well. Also, the gravy that was drizzled on the lamb really complimented the dish and get ready to have your hands dirty for this one. 

After such a delicious and hearty meal, you'd surely want to order some drinks to quench your thirst. We'd suggest you order the "Pom Pom Soda (rm10)" which is a mixture of pomegranate and soda. The sweetness of the drink is just nice. 

Is there any better way to cool down after dinner than with a cold glass of iced tea? No, no there is not. This "Iced Passion Tea (RM8)" is a powerhouse blend for a fruity and very refreshing thirst quencher. 

And of course, we did not forget all you coffee lovers! Head over to Didie's to get your caffeine fix! We had the "Latte (RM10)", again this drink isn't new to us but compared to the other latte's we've tried, this one had a stronger kick and a stronger bitter taste that most regular coffee drinkers will love. 

Moving on to dessert, we were really excited for this one! The owner was lovely enough to let us try the "Pavlova (RM12)" which it is a meringue-based dessert with a crispy crust, also very soft and light inside, then topped with strawberry, blueberry and whipped cream. The crispy crust on the outside just melts on your tongue and it tasted like pure happiness in our mouth. 

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