Der Backmeister Kuala Lumpur

Bread is a regularly consumed food in our daily lives and most people does not give it a second thought on what kind of bread they are putting in their body. Malaysians are probably familiar with local industrialized brands such as Gardenia or Massimo, however one bakery is here to step up the game and change it up by bringing healthy and fresh German bread to the locals! 

Tucked in a district of TTDI, Der Backmeister is a German cafe and bakery that specializes in baked goods! The humble little cafe pride themselves with the quality craftsmanship of making bread without any preservatives or additives such as sugar. Baking with imported ingredients, Der Backmeister aims to serve authentic traditional German cuisine in Malaysia for the sake of introducing high quality bread to the locals!

The menu has an extensive selection of German staples. Laced with fresh lettuce, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, each dish truly highlights the delightfulness of the freshly baked sourdough bread alongside it’s variety of fillings which ranges from fresh cheese to salmon!

Camembert Apple Sandwich
Avocado Egg Sandwich
Salmon Sandwich
Munich Style Brezel

For those that prefers the unconventional yet plentiful of a sandwich, these open sandwiches offers a more subtle taste of the bread while focusing on the toppings instead! From a sunny side up to various salamis and cheese, the filings definitely takes the lead in these dishes! 

Strammer Max
Open Sandwich

If you like having control over your fillings, the Big Backmeister offers a little more customization for your personal pleasures! The set comes with a basket of fresh and scrumptious bread alongside a plate of toppings that offers a selection of delectables that ranges from salami,ham,cheese and veggies! But no matter what you choose, don’t forget to top it off with an egg!

The Big Backmeister

Other than sandwiches, they also serve some of Germany’s iconic plates such as the Curry Wurst which is a sausage with an Asian twist to it! The sausage was drizzled with a hearty amount of tomato sauce and sprinkled with curry powder for the ultimate tangy yet spicy flavor burst! 

Curry Wurst

Subsequently, the Goulash Soup provides an ample warmth to one with it’s sweet and tangy tomato broth filled with a variety of vegetables! Best eaten with bread of course so make sure you got a good dip in there!

Goulash Soup

To encapsulate it all, this is the perfect place for a brunch meeting or just stopping by for a quick and healthy breakfast! The environment was cheerful yet comforting as provided by the friendly staffs and this is definitely THE place to go to for an authentic German meal! Oh and did we mention that they serve some pretty darn good coffee? The cafe lattes are not only beautiful but fragrant as well in which we guarantee will provide you the energy boost that you crave! 

Cafe Latte

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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