If you're an avid follower of sweet, colourful delights that come in the form of pastry products fresh from the oven, wait no more and make a beeline to The Gardens Mall, adjacent to Midvalley Megamall for a sinfully sweet experience like no other. Nestled within the premises of The Gardens Mall is Delectable Treats by Su, a kiosk-cum-mini-cafe which caters to all the whims and wants of dessert aficionados.

Founded by Ms. Huen Su-Yin, Delectable Treats has come a long way since being conceived as the brainchild of this particular blogger-turned-entrepreneur and up to date in the culinary world of pastry desserts, it is safe to say that Delectable Treats by Su has garnered up quite a following to prove that it is no pushover when it boils down to churning out decadent desserts and pastry. If you're still not convinced, the fact that the outlet is still strongly sustaining itself despite being based in The Gardens Mall -a mall rightfully belonging to the upper echelon of the shopping industry in terms of luxury; should win you over.

But enough talk about the origins of Delectable Treats. Let us delve into the sugary, tantalising world of baked pastries instead by dissecting what Delectable Treats has to offer. Here in general, aside from whole cakes, there are fluffy cupcakes, succulent hand-crafted tarts, doughnuts with icings you can only imagine along with delightful macaroons -and also macarons; in which people can have customised to their preference. All these elements certainly calls for a high tea, which they deliver exceptionally well too.

Aside from small, ala carte purchases, Delectable Treats by Su also brings about large catering orders for various events such as birthday, weddings or any form of commemoration proceedings for that matter. Taste wise, considering the fact that they are heavily comprised of sugar, there's no beating around the bush in a sense that the products sold are sweet through and through. Sweet-tooth all around will be elated, that's for sure.

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