Coze Café is a fusion cafe situated in Taman Len Sen, Cheras. The dishes they serve here is 100% homemade which is cooked with the freshest ingredients and not even a pinch of monosodium glutamate (MSG) or any extra flavoring added to it with the purpose of delivering a sound dish and at the same time flavorful to fulfill the customers taste buds.

Besides their amazing food, Coze Cafe is also loved and known for their environment. They are the mainstay of a cafe that can bring a beautiful dining environment and food. Therefore, the design of their restaurant is very marble-ish. It gives you that very homey feeling the moment you walk into the place. 

This is a place where it's everything porky and taste extremely good. One of the best seller is the "Signature Pork Rice" - the pork is marinated with a speacial sweet sauce and slow baked to perfection with onsen and vegetable of the day. 

Also another rice dish that is really worth trying is the "Coze's Signature Pork Lard Rice." It's a combination of rice with crispy pork lard, a generous amount of minced pork with a drizzle of soy sauce topped with a poached egg. 

If you prefer noodles instead, not to worry they do have something special for you. Give their "House Specialty Fried Udon." It's a simple stir fry along with pork, shimeji mushroom, onion, garlic and chili to create an aromatic flavor and definitely topped with a wobbly egg. 

You might be thinking, what if i don't want rice or noodles? Fret not, they have their "Classic Braised Soy Chicken," a slow braised boneless whole chicken leg with the chef's special homemade recipe sauce, served with mixed salad and onion rings. 

They also have their own homemade gyoza, stuffed with minced pork and spring onions. It goes perfectly well with their light vinegar sauce. 

Coffee is the most common favorite drink these days, especially rose latte. Coze cafe's "Rose Latte" is slightly sweeter than the ones we've tasted. You can taste the smoothness in the coffee and also the rose petals compliments the latte very well. 

 Everyone is so familiar with an iced latte, but have you ever added white chocolate into it? Coze cafe decided to be different and came up with a drink called "White Chocolate Latte," it's not your ordinary cup of latte that you can get anywhere. This drink can give you a sugar rush, so be prepared for it. But for all you non-coffee drinkers, we'd suggest you give this a try, trust us you'll be back for more. 

Not a fan of coffee? It's okay, we'd suggest you give the strawberry mojito a try. Ever had sparkling ribena? Just imagine a cup of sparking ribena but minus 95% of the sweetness, that's exactly how this drink taste like. It is a very refreshing drink to have after such a hearty meal. Oh and we love it that all their drinks come with metal straw! #SaveTheEnviroment

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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