Cocott’ derives from the French word cocotte /kô’kôt/. It designates a pot in which food can be both cooked and served. It is often made of cast-iron, and first originated from the Netherlands in the 17th century as the English name (Dutch oven) indicates it.


They believe French cuisine is about the produces, and that it is first and foremost an interpretation of the ingredients available in the region it is performed. In this way, they cook  authentic and original French food at Cocott’, serving hearty dishes with a hint of tradition, and a dash of Malaysian flavors. We endeavor to source for local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, without losing our cultural identity.

For starters, you could try the intriguingly named Malakoff (RM36). It made up of deep-fried round balls filled with raclette cheese, paired with onion and red white chutney. It's light and very crunchy and do expect a burst and at the same time a contrast of flavors.