Located in Bukit Bintang, Big Stick serves delectable Korean BBQ skewers! Big Stick first gained popularity in Korea and China. They started to serve their delectable Korean BBQ skewers in Malaysia, just this year! If you’re craving for some Korean flavours, you have to stop by at this restaurant that will surely satisfy your cravings!


Bikor Chicken

The Bikor Chicken is deep fried golden brown chicken skewer topped with Big Stick’s secret hot sauce and sesame. Other than its wonderful aroma, its huge size is also another attention grabber. The chicken is seasoned perfectly, with a burst of flavours that can be tasted within the first bite. The chicken is perfectly grilled and has slightly crunchy texture on the outside, meanwhile it is tender and juicy on the inside. Their secret sauce definitely lifts the whole taste of the meal, with just the right balance of everything.


BBQ Squid

The BBQ Squid is grilled to perfection, topped with Big Stick’s secret hot sauce, sesame, spicy Cajun powder and spices. The squid’s texture is firm and chewy, but they are not rubbery. There are multiple flavors that can be tasted in this one serving, such as the spices, the sesame, and the Big Stick’s secret hot sauce. If you’re a fan of squids or anything seafood, you should definitely give this one a try!


Tokbokki Chicken

The Tokbokki chicken is grilled chicken skewers with Korean rice cake, topped with Big Stick’s secret hot sauce and spices. The ingredients in this Tokbokki chicken includes chicken, Korean rice cake, Big Stick’s BBQ sauce, sesame seasoning and mixed spices. What’s interesting about this Tokbokki Chicken is that there are both chicken and rice cake in one serving! The chicken and Korean rice cake have tender texture, with a superb taste of the sesame seasoning, along with the tasty Big Stick’s BBQ sauce! 

Spicy Chicken with Ramyeon 


The Spicy Chicken with Ramyeon is grilled chicken skewers topped with Big Stick’s secret hot sauce and spices, served with Korean Ramyeon on the side. If you’re a fan of Korean’s ramen, you have to try this one! The ramyeon is flavoursome, with all the right flavours in it. The grilled chicken is seasoned perfectly and is the ideal match with the Korean ramyeon. If eating the chicken and the ramyeon alone is not enough, you should try this Spicy Chicken with Ramyeon because you will get both in one serving! 

Other than the delicious Korean BBQ skewers, Big Stick provides their specialty drinks such as Honey Lemon tea and Jasmine Green tea for some refreshment to have with their tasty meals!