A Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar Kuala Lumpur

Tucked away in a small humble shop in Jalan Pudu, located not too far from the shoppers’ haven of Bukit Bintang by commute, A. Toast specialises in sandwiches and their juices. The Pudu LRT Station is also near this small and cosy café which may come in handy as a washroom is not available in the shop. Breakfast, brunch, fast food and sandwiches is served as well. An interesting little shop under the beautiful and bright skies of Kuala Lumpur which gives another meaning to how you enjoy your breakfast or brunch. 

If you happen to find yourself searching for a big and fancy sign or outstanding and complicated stylistic design and decor, you may find yourself stuck in the dirt as only excellent bites can be found here. Having the word “toast” in their name, it is for certain they sell sandwiches. Having a wide variety of healthy as well as tasty sandwiches and toast to choose from with prices reasonably placed at no more that RM 13, except for the Big Breakfast

Besides sandwiches and toast, pasta is also available for selection. However, pasta is only limited to a few classic choices, namely Bolognese with chicken and parmesan cheese, carbonara with mushroom and ham as well as aglio olio with garlic and grilled mushroom. Those who are fans of kimchi, fear not, there is a kimchi flavoured sandwich available to satisfy your taste buds, the Grilled Cheese Kimchi Toast Sandwich. Another sandwich to try includes their Signature Bamboo Charcoal Toast Sandwich. 


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Saturday, Sunday

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