Located at the edge of Kampung Sungai Penchala, 123 Corner attracts a good number of crowds both from the village as well as those living in TTDI. 123 Corner as its name suggests is a corner stall that sells homely comfort Malay cuisines. Operating since 1997, 123 Corner has become one of the favourite breakfast spots for families especially. As told, you should probably expect a bit of a challenge to get yourself a seat especially during weekends. In the restaurant, you would be seated side by side with the open kitchen so bear with the seduction of the aroma before getting your food served. Surprisingly, the ceiling fans here do a pretty good job cooling the place down. 

What better to have for breakfast than a fluffy yet crispy piece of Roti Canai. The ones served at 123 Corner are known to have the perfect texture. Decently toasted crisps on the surface but when you tear it open, you would find another layer of softness within. Go for the Roti Telur instead for a whole new experience, the airy beaten eggs within enhances the texture as well as the fragrance of the Roti.

 It’s probably not healthy but we Malaysians would never say no to a plate of  fragranced Nasi Lemak complemented with some sambal, anchovies, toasted peanuts, cucumber and a sunny side up. Known as well for their Nasi Lemak, 123 Corner offers a broad selection of dishes such as Sambal Squid and Fried Chicken to level up your meal. Visiting during lunch or dinner hours would be a whole new story, definitely go for their Tom Yam, Lontong and Udang Petai as these are some of the highly recommended dishes.

All in all, 123 Corner would be the place for you to feast like a king for breakfast. Probably doesn’t sound really healthy but it’s definitely better than skipping breakfast right?