Amidst the residential area of Medan Damansara, lies a place of life and party. The Point Restaurant and Bar represents life by feeding beautiful yet good food to willing customers and party with its nightlife. If you happen to be looking around for a place to spend the night with your buddies or girlfriends but also so happen to be around the corner, I mean what are the chance right? Do give this place a go and you may go home not disappointed, a full stomach and hopefully sober. This dining establishment specialises in dinner but without neglecting breakfast and lunch or brunch, like some people like to call it. Also, they take equal pride with the interior, cleverly mixing up modern comfort and classy decorations. 

With its big breakfast set, namely The Breakfast Staple, that has a portion large enough to probably fill you up till dinner. It includes huge pork sausages, juicy pork bacon, prosciutto and poached or scrambled eggs served together with brioche and hash brown.

Besides that, amongst the chef recommended dishes includes their Reconstructed Bah Kut Teh. This dish throws everything you thought you knew about this Asian cuisine out the window. Spanning over 12 hours, it is slow cooked with their Iberico Pork Jowl and Pork Belly, served with quinoa, bok choy, garlic and chilli padi soy glaze, topped with Mushroom Fritters.

Other recommended dishes includes the crème brulee and the Rack and Roll. Being a bar, alcohol is served but if you do not drink alcohol, espresso-based drinks are also available here together with their wide range of tea. A blend of both alcohol and coffee is also something you have probably never heard off but is sold here as well, definitely something to try if you crave for two different goodness mixed in a cup.