Step into the majestic empire of Majapahit and enjoy a variety of southeast Asian food! Located at the Marc Residence in KLCC, The Majapahit is inspired by the ancient empire of Majapahit that once stretches across 98 tributaries which included Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. They aim to celebrate the diversity of Southeast Asian food in Malaysia by serving their Indonesian and Thai specialties!

Recently started in January 2019, the restaurant boasts an exquisite interior to match the glorious empire with a luxurious royal garden feel to it! With a huge space to work with, the restaurant also houses a dining loft, private room and they can also accommodate private events! 

The Majapahit seeks to provide good food alongside a good environment therefore let’s jump into the food right away! Fancy some meat grilled on a stick? Have some Satay of Southeast Asia. Having specializes in Southeast Asian food, it only makes sense to combine it all up into one plate! This Satay platter features 4 different types of Satay from 4 countries and the latter includes Balinese fish satay, Malaysian chicken satay, Indonesian beef satay and the Vietnamese sugarcane prawn satay!

Staying true to their Southeast Asian variety in one plate, the Curry Galore also features 4 different types of curries from different regions! In this platter we have a Thai green and red curry, an Indonesian squid curry and a local prawn curry! Paired with Cassava crackers and chapati makes it the ultimate Southeast Asian curry dish!

Though the restaurant features a variety of Southeast Asian food, they mainly specializes in Indonesian and Thai cuisine. Therefore we were also served a series of Thai and Indonesian dishes! First up from Thailand, we have the essential Spicy seafood tom yam! Your table at the Thai restaurant will not be complete without this spicy and zesty soup that is bound to warm you up right away! 

Another famous Thai staple, Coconut butter chicken! The creamy buttermilk sauce that coats the crunchy fried chicken is the epitome of the perfect chicken!

Stack up on some greens in your meal with the Thai stir fried baby kailan! This plate of hearty stir fried vegetable fully completes your Thai meal with it’s savoriness.

Next up from Indonesia, Crispy flying fish! This fish is fried to golden brown perfection which makes it crispy on the outside with a soft white flesh on the inside. As Asians would say, the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of steamy white rice!

The Majapahit also serves set lunches from 12pm to 3pm! The sets includes 10 choices of Southeast Asian Cuisine which comes with drinks ranging from RM18.90 to RM35.90! Here we have sets from Indonesia, Padang style beef set and the Soto Ayam noodle set. 

The Padang style beef set is basically beef rendang as the locals know it. The set comes with side dishes, soup and rice as well as fruits for dessert! The rendang definitely has kick to it which would appease spice lovers!

On the other hand, Soto Ayam is the classic Indonesia dish and this Soto Ayam noodle set comes with a drink and a side of crackers,curry, nasi impit and and fruits for dessert as well! 

For those that would just like to chill alongside good food, The Majapahit has a bar for those that enjoy a light drink. To further maximize your night out, be sure to drop by on every Friday and Saturday where there would be a live band to catch up on some good tunes!

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