The Food Campany Kuala Lumpur

Though not a restaurant but The Food Company has been sizzling their way through the F&B Industry with their signature patties and handmade meats! Launched in 2012, The Food Company is a butcher store that provides high quality and ready stocked meats to their food outlets in order to control the supply chain. 

With the aim to educate consumers on the meat industry awareness, the company organizes a barbecue cookout twice a month called The Big Boyz Barbecue where customers can come to taste the quality meat that they sell as well as to enjoy the cookout!

NZ Lamb Burger

We definitely enjoyed the barbecue session but not as much as we enjoyed the amazingly delicious burger patties that ranges from lamb to beef as well as a few other cookout staples! The meats are all delicately handmade in house as well as the sausages that’s churned with high quality minced meats with no mixed cuts! 

OZ Beef Burger

All the burgers were immensely juicy paired with soft buns and melty cheese. They might actually be the krabby patty secret formula that plankton desperately wanted after all given the deliciousness that these burgers embodies!

Lemon Herb Butter Chicken Patty with Panko

The hot dogs on the other hand were both pretty hot and spicy but the sausages were definitely top notch! For a non conventional sausage, try the chili salmon hot dog for a kick! 

Chili Salmon Hotdog
Fiery Habanero Chicken Hotdog

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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