Steaks, lamb racks or western cuisine in that sense. What is it do you normally think of when a friend or someone mentions them to you? Is the hefty price tag? Or prime cuts of beef? Or juicy and tender steaks? Or even maybe… mashed potatoes? Well, here in Malaysia (at least), many do not have western cuisine as a meal on a regularl basis. Usually they cater for special occasions – birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, family outing and company dinner. 

The thing that makes the meal special is the presence of friendly conversations among close buddies or girlfriends, or even the time spent bonding among family members. Enough of all that. Located in Kuala Lumpur or more specifically, the haven for niche eateries, Publika Mont Kiara, this restaurant is not something one would call ordinary. So what is it that makes it stand out from many? Well for a start, the restaurant serves dry aged beef, as the name suggests. 

Dry aged beef refers to beef that, after slaughtered and cleaned, are hung in a big “refrigerator” at a controlled temperature of close to freezing for a few weeks. This allows the meat to dry up which enhances the taste and flavour of the raw meat as well as, very important for some, tenderness. Founded in November 2012, the restaurant was the first to bring Dry aged steaks to Malaysia. With many years of experience in the restaurant industry, Master Chef J.K and Mr. Danny Choi aimed to bring the friendliest service team and quality food to Malaysia at reasonable prices. 

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