Sisters Crispy Popiah @ Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang) Kuala Lumpur

Nestled within the premises of Imbi's marketplace, this particular popiah (Hokkien derived word for the term "Chinese spring roll".) stall -along with a myriad of other food vendors; caters to those prowling around the area in search of good eats and decadent breakfast fare.

Aptly named Sisters' Crispy Popiah, the stall is operated by two charming ladies hustling about tirelessly in the light of satisfying the never-ending stream of popiah orders, from early dawn til noon. Why? Because the popiahs here are as good as they get, using a myriad of tantalising ingredients in its wake.

To start things off, the popiah wrapper itself is home-made and the elasticity as well as the thinness that the wrapper entails is nothing short of a testament to the sisters' culinary prowess. Placed upon a flat surface, the wrappers are anointed with a dab of sweet sauce on one side -along with a handful of golden brown fried dough crisps are sprinkled upon; before the next core ingredient is addressed. With Chinese spring rolls in the picture, you will be hard pressed to miss the presence of braised Chinese turnips and with this particular stall's braised turnips, they are carefully dripped dry to ensure that the spring rolls do not turn out soggy. As a result, the popiahs emerge all turgid in form and crunchy in texture. Flavour wise, the savoury taste of the popiah complements the sweet sauce used rather well.

Do note, if you like your popiah entailing a spicy kick, the sisters will accommodate your plight for that dose of spiciness by adding hot sauce into the fray. But if you are not partial to popiahs, fret not because Imbi marketplace is home to many other decadent stalls selling delectable good eats ranging from Chee Cheong Fun to curry noodles, Nasi Lemak and even butter-and-kaya toast.