Sai Sai Japanese Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

There is no shortage of Japanese restaurants in KL. However, Saisai definitely stands out from the rest of the bunch as they attract guests with their home cooked Japanese cuisine and casual environment. For those that longed for homemade Japanese food, Saisai is definitely the place to go!

Upon walking into Saisai, you’ll feel like you’ve been welcomed back into your parents home. Modesty and humbleness is the key to the interior in Saisai. It definitely comes along with a sprig of nostalgia and which provides authenticity to the izakaya experience.

For a taste of tradition, Saisai serves Japanese household staples that varies from a bowl of steaming warm oden to warm you up to a plate of crispy menchi katsu (deep fried minced pork cutlets). 

Saisai also puts a distinct dish on the table which is Akashiyaki, native to the city of Akashi in Japan. Dubbed as the ancestor of the famous Takoyaki found on almost every night market in Malaysia today, Akashiyaki is a dumpling made from egg rich batter and fried in a special pan.