Restoran Toms Dim Sum Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Toms Dim Sum brings you a concept that is hard to pass – home. With the concept, Toms Dim Sum hopes to offer hearty authentic Chinese food to make you feel warm and right at home. Sit comfortably in the air-conditioned restaurant with traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings plastered on the wall while you indulge. The restaurant used to only serve dim sum however now the menu has expanded to more delectable choices.

Do not wait any longer from trying out their dim sum as they serve an array list of dim sum ranging of steamed, baked and fried. For their steamed dim sum selection, one can expect the classic Steam Pork Dumpling “Siew Mai”, Prawn dumpling “Har Kow”, Fresh prawn spinach dumpling, Steamed Chicken Feet as well as pork ribs and more. If you are more of fried dim sum kind, go for their Deep Fried Bean Curd skin prawn rolls, Deep Fried Salad Prawn, Lotus Paste Sesame balls and Fried Carrot Cake.

Unlike other Chinese restaurants, Toms Dim Sum is significant for its signature Dan Dan Noodle Sour and Spicy noodle with crushed peanuts and ground pork yet less spicy than the version in Shanghai. Other dishes that you can try are the Butter Chicken rice, Assorted meat & century egg congee, Fried Wan Tan Mee and Mushroom Chicken rice.

To cool down your body on a hot day, there is the delectable Mango Pudding, Lemon Grass Ice Jelly, Yam Cream dessert and Barley, Herbal Tea, Chrysanthemum drinks that are practically good for anytime of the day.