Quan Ice Cream & Coffee House Kuala Lumpur

Quan Ice Cream and Coffee House is a cafe that also serves various meals despite what its name suggests. Its chill ambience is a great place for youngsters to enjoy with its vintage decor with various posters consisting of timeless musicians such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Their Special QUAN Cantonese Style Gravy Noodles is a popular dish as you can see in the name. You have the option to choose between either having Kuey Teow or Lou Shi Fan for your noodles but I would personally recommend the Kuey Teow. The silky egg gravy is smooth and velvety and has a slight peppery flavour.

Their Ginger Egg Fried Rice is just the thing if you are craving something simple but still wholesome. The flavour of the ginger is not as strong as you expect it to be but it makes the dish smell amazing. The eggs taste especially good warm mixed with the rich sesame taste which makes it an overall hearty meal.

The desserts they have are also a great finish to your meal. Their Celebrity Brownie and Ice Cream is a crowd favourite. The brownies are closer to the consistency of cake as it is slightly more light and airy than the conventional chunky style. There are various ice creams to choose from to pair with it but the flavours people usually choose are the yam and the coffee.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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