In the midst of traditional Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Ozeki serves a contemporary twist to Japanese food on the table. For those looking for a change of flavor in Japanese cuisine, Ozeki is definitely the place to go!

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll notice that the walls is lined with sake on every shelf for a traditional yet modern Japanese dining look. The interior has a wooden touch to it shrouded by a a hue of warm lights throughout the restaurant for a cosy dining experience.

Ozeki’s executive chef Hitoshi Kimijima merged together his background in Japanese, French, Italian and German cuisine to create a Japanese fusion cuisine which distinguished Ozeki from the others.

Everything served is imported from Japan’s famous Tsukiji market therefore you can be ensured that the freshness is top notch! The items are prized seasonally as well depending on the items available on that day to ensure that customers are getting the best quality possible.

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