Konnichiwa! Looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant? Maiu is the right place. This restaurant offers varieties of Japanese food, ranging from sushi to Japanese soba noodle. Located in Sri Petaling, Maiu caters to Japanese food lover out there who craves the original Japanese taste.

Maiu is very suitable for family gatherings, and birthday parties as they provide enough space for customers to conduct such events. 

The food here is so delicious and fresh, especially their sashimi! Comes in 3 different kinds of fishes, Salmon, Butter Fish, and Tuna. Served raw with wasabi and soy sauce on the side, their sashimi is really one of the dishes that shouldn't be missed out on. 


Their other dish that is worth to try here is Grilled Saba Shioyaki which is basically a grilled mackerel fish. The fish is lightly seasoned to perfection, the flesh is also soft and rich. Making it a perfect dish to eat with rice. 

Grilled Saba Shioyaki

Tempura is very synonymous with Japanese restaurants. Maiu is no exception in putting tempura in their menu. Their Tempura Mori is made of deep fried vegetables and prawn. This dish also comes with a special sauce. It is impossible to not to dip the crispy tempura in the special sauce as the sauce acts as the complementary flavor for this Tempura Mori. 

Tempura Mori

With Chinese New Year is around the corner, Maiu is also hopping into the Yee Sheng bandwagon, just like other restaurants but their version of Yee Sheng comes with a unique twist that can't be found at other restaurants. Their Yee Sheng is served with fresh salmon sashimi and Mandarin orange. The explosive and delicious combination between Japanese and Chinese cuisine can be tasted right away when eating this Yee Sheng. Specially made for this Chinese New Year, Maiu Yee Sheng is available from January until the end of February. 

Maiu Yee Sheng 

Maiu is also serving lunch and dinner buffet with a wide selection of delicious Japanese food. Come here and satisfies your Japanese food cravings now!