Waffles are not just simply waffles. They are a form of art and the delicateness of this art can be observed and experienced by patrons at a simple yet humble waffle joint, Madame Waffle. With assemble of the finest ingredients from Japan and Belgium, their fluffy, dense and chewy on the inside waffles are baked fresh daily with Japanese premium flour and imported Belgian Pearl Sugar. Madame Waffle goes with a Japanese style quick-service concept with an order and pay counter and simple yet cosy tables for patrons to enjoy their waffles at.

Madame Waffle serves a variety of waffles that ranges from as simple as classic, premium to waffle with gelato. As for their classic waffles, one can go for their Original, Matcha, Honey, Nutella, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Almond waffles served in a convenient waffle paper jacket. What can go wrong with an additional of delectable toppings to create unique flavours? See for yourself with their premium waffles such as Tiramisu, Musang Durian Crème Brulee, White Chocolate Lychee, Snowy Matcha Mochi and more.

A dollop of creamy and flavourful gelato would not hurt would it? Of course not! Try their Madame Signature waffle topped with Matcha gelato or Banana Nutella, Strawberry Nutella, Ferrero Rocher Delight waffles for a seamless pair of their varied flavours of gelato that can also be passed as your dessert.

Aside of waffles, Madame Waffle also offers freshly hand-crafted roasted coffee with unique offerings such as Toffee Latte, Rose Latte, Nutella Cappuccino, Wafflecino, Ferrora Rocher Mocha and more. Japanese Green Tea, Matcha latte, soda drinks, iced tea and milkshakes are also perfect accompaniments to your waffles.