Meesha Sukira started out as a Batik boutique over 10 years ago. However, M Café was only recently introduced in 2013, where they needed a place to compliment the exquisite batik, where customers and patrons can simply take a break after some shopping. This, is where both fashion and food intertwine to create something absolutely amazing.

It all begins with Meesha Sukira, an acronym for both the owner’s name, in 2005. They specialize in textile design with Batik Arts as the primary focus of the brand. Its unique selling point will definitely have to be its minimalist and contemporary designs, along with its strategy and exclusive packaging to suit each of the brands’ unique client’s taste.

Everything is made from the best natural fabrics, 100% silk and cotton to ensure not only quality, but durability and comfort as well.  Items such as shirt, scarf, wall painting, high heels and many others are available here at Meesha Sukira.

Now, what better way to shop for the finest Batik fashion apparel than a café offering amazing local delights?

M Café is a quaint and casual looking place derived from a Batik Boutique. The café is located on the back-end of the ground floor while the remaining space are used to display their Batik fashion apparel.

Featuring an array of local delights, M Café by Meesha Sukira is definitely a go-to place for some amazing nasi lemak or Nyonya curry laksa.

Starting with their Fried Chicken with Salted Egg (RM15.90) that comes with a side of rice, salad, sambal belacan and a soup. As simple as it may look, the fried chicken that is cooked with a salted egg sauce is absolutely amazing. Not only does it have a good balance of flavour, the richness of the salted eggs and the spices really pulls through and is well enjoyed with some rice, sambal belacan and soup.

Followed by a serving of Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM15.90). Tender and juicy chicken thighs deep fried till crispy perfection and topped with a sweet sauce and some peas. The chicken is a perfection combination of texture where the skin is extremely crisp and the flesh is moist. The generous amount of sweet sauce too goes really well with the chicken and the onions and green peas added that extra dimension of texture and flavour. The dish is also served with a side of french fries, steamed vegetables and potatoes.

The all Malaysian classic – Nasi Lemak with Crispy Fried Chicken (RM15.90). The dish is rather straight-forwarded. Aromatic rice, fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber slices, sambal, an egg with runny yolk, and of course, a deliciously crispy and moist, marinated fried chicken. Each element in this dish looms with flavour and texture but as an overall, the dish is incredibly well balanced and light. It is indeed an upscale of the conventional nasi lemak.

Apart from all the available rice dishes, there are too, some noodles to die for. The Pan Mee Clear Soup with Minced Chicken (RM14.90) is definitely worth the try. The amazingly bouncy noodles are handmade and is done in-house. The same goes for the flavourful soup, which has a rich and balanced depth of flavour. Topped with fried onion, black Chinese fungus, spinach, and a side of sambal and fried anchovies.

Something a little more simple, but tastes absolutely amazing would definitely have to be the Sambal Fish Fried Rice (RM15.90). Inspired by her trip abroad while hiking a mountain 7000 feet above ground, the sambal fish is a staple diet for the locals there. It has been brought back and reinterpreted into a form of fried rice, which elevates the taste and texture superbly. Served with a runny fried egg, the dish comes together really beautifully.

Last but not least, the remarkably delish Nyonya Curry Laksa (RM16.90). Made with a rich and savoury soup, the Nyonya Curry Laksa consists of vermicelli, tofu puff, fishcakes, halved egg, prawns, and finished with green beansprouts. The flavours tend to lean towards the savoury side and it isn’t very spicy. Hence, even those are can’t stand the heat can actually try it out!

Also, do not forget to try out M Café by Meesha Sukira’s range of amazing home-mixed drinks. Items such as Lime Ice Blended, Calamansi Soda, Apple Ginger Ade with Plum, Apple Cinnamon Honey Tea and a calming rose tea are definitely a must-try. Whether it’s the excitement you get from the sourness of the Lime Ice Blended, or the soothing and calming relief from the Apple Cinnamon Honey Tea, it’s undeniably delicious.

Overall, M Café by Meesha Sukira is more than just a café or a boutique, it’s a love and passion that bonds these two categories together. Gorgeous looking Batiks, simple but amazing food, whether or not the you think the idea works, you’ve got to visit M Café by Meesha Sukira to find out.


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