From the moment you walk in, you’ll know that Kouzu is no ordinary restaurant. Kouzu aims to combine the very best of Izakayas and Madrid’s Tapas Bars in one causual hub to sample some of the best contemporary Japanese fusion dining.  Each of the dishes are prepared with a leval of care and craftmanship and that goes to the taste of the dishes as well.

One of the many recommended specialties are the Yasai Heritage Salad. Now this dish is a great starter and you can taste the various layers within the saled. It is essentially a mixture of leafy greens and it is even topped off with some edible flowers.

Next up, is the Maguro and Foie Gras. This dish is comprising of Juicy and tender Foie Gras which is essentially goose liver. It offers a very luxurious taste that will leave you wanting more.

Then we have the Salmon Kabuki Roll which is a variation of sushi. The Salmon is fresh and that combined with the sticky rice and garnishes result in a very pleasant taste. This is also a good starter dish.

We then move on to the Shiyaki Stone Bowl. This dish is a combination of a variety of Japanese Seafoods such as Vinegar prawn, tender unagi, scallops and rice. This dish is definitely worth trying of you’re into some good comfort food.

Finally, we have the Escargot Pizza. This is a great dish to be shared among family and friends. It is coated with crunchy escargot and had a sweetish sauce to go with it resulting in a distinctive and unique taste for pizza.