Good waffles and taste buds enlightening coffee. Snacks and caffeine lovers out there, contain yourselves. So, when a person, say your friend, asks you to go have waffles and coffee, where would you immediately think of to take him or her to? And more importantly, would you be up for it? Maybe your friend really enjoy waffles and coffee. Sweetness from the toppings – ice cream, fruits, whatever, hot and fresh as well as aromatic pieces of grilled flour and dipping sauce – honey, maple syrup, endless, waffles does make smiles go wild and flips frowns around, perfect for an afternoon snack. 

It is true, not everybody has the time and expenses to regularly have waffles but when they do, it is nice. Friendly conversations among the closest buddies or girlfriends, family is not excluded as well. Time spent while savouring that delicious plate of goodness makes up for family bonding time. 
Nestled along the busy streets of Sri Hartamas, or more specifically, in Plaza Damas, Kaffeine is a café one would call a humble and pleasant café, in other words simple and cosy. The ambience here is, well you guessed it, very cosy and simple. Elegant yet unsophisticated tables and chairs are nicely arranged around the place for maximum spaciousness and comfort for customers to choose from. 

That is not all, recent works have added murals in the café, in other words, picture worthy walls. Fun quotes are also hung up on boards inside the place. All that along with a nice good cup of coffee ensures a memorable experience.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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