Once upon a time, an entrepreneur wanted to preserve the best of local taste for the sake of future generation. Some of these foods have been around for so long it is considered a historical heritage. While a few is still in business, either in the same place, or have been moving around in the area, unfortunately not all are still operational. The reason is hardly because of decreasing support, but more due to increasing age and lack of interest from the next generation to continue the legacy.

Meet the wonder that is Hutong at Lot 10. A food court inside one of the most happening malls in KL, it housed over 30 different stalls that offer the best and lovable dishes for as many people to enjoy. This idea is expected to be more expensive, because of the location and facilities, but it is a better way to enjoy Malaysian hawker food; all gathered under one roof. Even though the food court is in a well-conditioned, well-maintained, and contemporary designed shopping mall, the layout is kept as classic and traditional similar to actual Hutong's or alleys in Beijing.

The food here comes from different parts of the Peninsular, including Singapore. A few honourable mentions include Kim Lian Kee, Penang Famous Fried Kway Tiao, and Ho Weng Kee.

Kim Lian Kee is believed to be the inventor of Fried Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow is a very famous dish from Penang and the stall at Hutong serves one of the best in all of KL, and Ho Weng Kee is known for their Wantan Mee that was revived after the owner retired back in 2009. And what better way to wrap up your meal than a refreshing bowl of ice kacang.

Hutong proves to be that one stop centre for locals and tourists alike to sample the luxury that is Malaysian food.