1)      Living up to its name "Royal Indian Cuisine", here in Gajaa at 8, you will definitely feel the authenticity of royal Indian food. From the ambience to its food, every single bit is not to be missed. Gajaa at 8 portrays the feeling of majestic and boldness and as quoted by Gajaa at 8, they aim to bring the "ultimate authentic Indian experience to your table with creative and unique food creation on the menu." The ambience and setting of Gajaa at 8 is perfect for any type of occasion, from birthday parties to formal meetings, you  are guaranteed to creating lasting beautiful memories. So for those of you who are on a hunt for the next best Indian food, head down to Gajaa at 8, located at Bangsar to savor the full royal Indian cuisine experience.

1)    Started off with their hot and chewy variety of naan, the leavened, oven-baked flatbread made of Indian white flour stuffed with cheese or topped with garlic, also known as the cheese naan and garlic naan. Definitely not to miss is their signature fish which is a pearl spot fish fillet marinated with Gajaa signature spices, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to perfection, The Kohinoor Jewel, the unique dish name already sounds so irresistible.

Order as many good food as you can that Gajaa at 8 has to offer as their food is definitely worth their price, reasonable and delicious. Personally I would go for their King Triton prawns and The Barn of Kensington mutton. Gajaa at 8 Royal Indian Cuisine is definitely a next level Indian cuisine dining experience.