One may wonder the word “dolly” in the restaurant’s name and there is indeed a good reason behind it. Dolly Dim Sum is a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese tea house and distantly different than any other dim sum joints. This contemporised dim sum house focuses on the elegance of all-day grazing experience along with specializing in modern authentic dim sum with their tagline “Dim Sum All Dolled Up” – proving further of its name and quality of their dim sum by mastering the art of delicateness and exquisiteness, much like a “dolly”.

Fairly near to KLCC, Dolly Dim Sum fashions full glass windows and rooftop, allowing ample amount of natural sunlight in the daylight as well as a view of the stars in the evening while you dine comfortably on contemporary furniture and overall design.

Fret not Muslim friends as the restaurant is pork-free and offers halal dim sum apart other dishes. Here at Dolly Dim Sum there is a variety of traditional dim sum dishes. If you have a hard time deciding, there is the classic Har Gao prawn dumpling, tender chicken and prawn Siew Mai, Pineapple buns, Crystal Prawn dumpling filled with succulent prawns and fragrant chives. For a full-plate meal, have a go on their Cantonese-style kuey teow with Australian premium sirloin beef as well as Cheong Fun and Royal Golden Fried Rice with prawns and golden ebikko on top.

Dolly Dim Sum is known most for its signature and everyone’s favourite Egg Custard Bun with flowing sweet yet savoury salted egg yolk caramel as you pull the bun apart. There are also the speciality flaky egg tarts that are baked fresh daily that goes well with the acquaintance of Chinese tea or Jasmine tea. Apart from the usual tea, Dolly Dim Sum prepares oriental-inspired drinks such as Lemongrass-infused Jasmine Icea Tea, Pu Er Old-Fashioned and Prohibition Ice Tea.