Joining the Korean BBQ scene in Kuala Lumpur is Aka Raka, relatively a new joint yet has been drawing lots of applause. Located at the bottom of Solaris Dutamas, many are caught by surprise looking at the interior of the restaurant as it doesn’t actually resemble a typical Korean BBQ restaurant. Beige and canary-yellow walls, bright chic lightings, Korean music stars photos, chairs that add splashes of colours and a charming alfresco, hands down this are so much different to others.

Spearheaded by Mr.Kim in the kitchen, an amiable chef with more than 15 years of experience up his sleeves, the food are prepared meticulously to ensure your palate transports you to Korea, rather than the ambience. Their main attraction is their range of salads and side dish buffet that are complementary if you opt for the grilled sets. Join the patrons, pick the grill and grin all the way.

A multitude of meats such as pork, beef, short rib and chicken are marinated in various flavour profiles that are downright addictive. Among the show-stoppers are wine-marinated pork and spicy ribs. Condiments of lettuce, garlic, fresh green chilli and series of sauces complement the whole grilling experience. Another stellar dish is their Spicy Kimchi Soup; you would chomp the whole bowl down within seconds, lip-smacking good.

Beverage-wise their Korean beers are commendable, after a feast of grilled meats, languidly tuck yourself in the alfresco space, being ruffled by the wind while chugging down cold beers, surely a worthwhile experience not to be missed. 

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Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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