All the Korean drama and Korean pop these days sure does play a part in influencing many people in to the Korean culture. That probably is one of the reasons why there have been a rise in new Korean restaurants and shops around. So, do not hesitate to try out what all the fuss is about. Deep in Korean culture, eating alone is not something the culture sees as normal – but that is their way. So, to avoid being frowned upon, do bring along friends and family members because after all, having buffet and barbecue alone is not all that worth it. 

Situated amongst the haven for niche restaurants and cafes, Solaris Dutamas, this restaurant is what one would call a step above the rest, quite literally. It is located on the upper ground floor and gives a not so obstructed view of the surroundings from the corridor of the restaurant. One thing that makes Korean BBQ so sought after is probably due to the fact that the staff does all the cooking for you. 

At San Nae Deul, they cook each portion for you to savour separately, before moving to the next one. All that, with an added bonus of experienced hands – so you don’t burn your own food while cooking, and a personal touch from the person cooking for you. In terms of traffic, do plan ahead before stopping by and do avoid peak hours as traffic inside the restaurant and on the streets can get quite busy.