Chili Espresso brings about life in their food creations. A spunky and vibrant restaurant that brings all the flavours together with a bang. Established by Isthmus group of restaurants and cafes which captures the diverse culinary influences of Asia and Europe. The group focuses on providing dine with a good balance of proteins, minerals, carbs and fibre. Located at the Ground floor of Bangsar South Nexus, you’ll be greeted by a row of fine restaurants and bars where Chili Espresso is placed next to Gloria Jeans Coffee. The restaurant has been operating successfully for a while now that aims solely for the office population there.

The inspiration of Chili Espresso is based on Penang Heritage City. The design is based on age-old pre-war shop houses alleyways with children eating noodles under a frangipani tree. It flows to a fresh expatriate styled building which is where the coffee bar is placed. The alfresco area is designed with a backyard kind of fell with lots of greenery around such as trees, plants and furniture made of old railway sleepers. Recycled wood, old drums, bottles, cans and wooden boxes are used for eco-friendliness.

The menu is a no fuss, wholesome and full flavour of the Malaysian heritage and great international comfort food. One of their signature dishes is the Fried Mee Mamak. If you can hold your chilli, you’ll love this authentic spicy mamak mee which is a popular street dish in Malaysia.

Aside from this, other popular dishes such as the Pan-Seared Fish, Herbal Nasi Cina Kampong Chicken (Ulam rice), Char-grilled Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken and the Mexicana Burger. As for a lighter option, you can go for the Mango Chicken & Jicama Salad that’s bursting with flavours.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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