Zeus 13 Cafe is a hidden gem because instead of it occupying the shop lot nearer to Sunway College along with other cafés, this cafe is located slightly further away. Which in a way we feel it's so much better because it's way less of a hassle to look for parking!

The atmosphere in this place is so cozy and very relaxing. It's also a nice hang out place to do your assignments and complete your work because it isn't too crowded and as you can see there is plenty of space between the chairs and tables, so it makes whatever you're doing more comfortable. 

We were given new dishes to try which isn't on the menu...yet. We were stoked and excited to see what the amazing chef has cooked and prepared for us! First thing on the menu was the "Chef Burger (RM24)". You are given the choice to either choose a chicken or beef patty and then it is topped with a sunny side up and placed in between two charcoal bun alongside a handful of fries and salad.

Next, we had the "Breakfast Pizza (RM25)" and come on don't tell us that you're not keen on ordering one of this? Every hour of everyday is a perfect moment to have pizza! This dish is made with different food that you'd usually have for breakfast but instead of having it as an individual meal, here at Zeus 13 they decided to use those meals as toppings. Some of the toppings are sausages, chicken ham, cherry tomatoes, cheese and egg! It is very delicious and a perfect meal to be shared among friends! 

The next dish we tried was something really special and unlike anything we've tasted. It's the "Scallop Masago Pasta (RM23)" It's a light cream sauce flavored Japanese pasta with “masago” or the little orange fish roe you sometimes see on sushi! What makes it even more special is that this dish comes with scallops and mussels combined together on one shell! How insane is that?! It tasted even better because they topped it with a fried egg. 

 And lastly we had something healthier which was the "Grill Chicken Salad (RM16)", the chicken was grilled to perfection and had the right of seasoning to it. The Japanese Roasted Sesame sauce used for the salad really brought the dish to life and it made eating salad much more enjoyable.