This is not quite your usual swirl of ice cream but if you're looking for something healthier and with less calories then you're in for a treat! Yzen Frozen Yogurt serves an all naturally made frozen yogurt aka froyo. With the aim to break the myth of there’s no such thing as a guilt free dessert that can be enjoyed everyday, Yzen has swooped in to break such stereotype with their healthy and tasty yet affordable frozen yogurt! 

While the SS15 branch started just less than a year ago in October 2018, Yzen currently has 3 outlets in Setapak, SS15 and Cyberjaya respectively! The outlets are sleek with a hint of navy cuteness for a relaxing and comfortable environment making it the perfect place for a froyo date or hangout!  

When it comes to ordering, it’s definitely as simple as it seems! There were 4 different cup sizes offered, a mini, regular, large and lay•zen. They offer an extensive selection of toppings such as chocolate or caramel sauces to fruits for your customization pleasures! The tangy yet sweet frozen yogurt when paired with sweet belgian chocolate sauces or cookie crumbs makes the ultimate dessert combination!


Using only premium ingredients such as purple sweet potatoes and dairy, Yzen’s froyo is 97% fat free with a natural sweetness without any additional sugar! Fun fact! Yzen’s froyo contains 2.9 billion probiotics per gram and one mini cup can help you achieve your daily recommended consumption of probiotics a day! Take that health freaks! 


Can’t get enough of Yzen’s frozen yogurt? There’s also a takeaway tub so you can “tapau” a tub of deliciousness from the store and into your freezer! It’s the perfect snack for a netflix and chill session and you can get your favourite toppings on the go as well for RM4 per container! 

Take Away Tub

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