From the moment the waiter starts explaining the specials, you know you are both going to get along. Whether steamed, fried, or stewed, the waiter knows the careful coddling of every last ingredient on the list. The menu at Yuen Kee Home Town Steamed Fish Restaurant is rather extensive with lots of different cooking method in preparing one main ingredient. Fortunately, the clean surroundings, the refreshing drinks, the smells wafting from the shack of an outdoor kitchen and that waiter make asking endless questions about cooking methods and weird ingredients almost as much of a pleasure as eating them.

From the steamed fish to the salted egg soft shell crabs, every classic familiar edible is a delight. This being Chinese food, many of the ingredients grew up in the sea, so the only non-pescatarian dish you would not want to resist was a plate of slow-braised pork ribs in a sort of unique accompanying sauce that added a hint of sweetness but not heaviness.

What to like about this restaurant is that you can bring your own ingredients like fish or clamps for them to prepare it for you. The seafood ingredients are so fresh; they do not go overboard with the seasoning in order to maintain the original flavours from the seafood. Soy sauce, minced ginger, caramelised onions, bird’s eye chilli, and the dish is ready to be served.

There are also terrific soft shell crabs coated with salted eggs with bits of chilli and veggies here and there. The residency seems oversubscribed, possibly because of the great and quality dishes that they serve. So do come during non-peak hours to enjoy empty seats which mean more time and space to eat the wonderful food and quiz that waiter.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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