Khong Kee is known to be one of the best-selling Yong Tau Foo places in Petaling Jaya. Located just opposite the Giant Supermarket, a yellow signboard you can’t miss. The restaurant comprises of the basic Chinese food which is no doubt fresh and tasty. It has been serving its simple yong tau foo pleasures faithfully for many years.


The restaurant is set up in a simple restaurant style with very little decorations. Foldable stainless steel tables are laid out with plastic chairs in the restaurant. Customers head to the back to order their food. The floors and half the walls are tiled. The upper wall and ceiling are painted plain white with many fans fixed everywhere. The restaurant is said to be properly ventilated, however, during peak hours or on hot days, the restaurant can be much warmer.


Khong Kee serves only a few particular dishes. The yong tau foo is the obvious choice for the customers. However, their signature dish is the Hong Kong style porridge which comes with century egg, dried oyster, cuttlefish, nuts and mushrooms. Their signature porridge is the dish which makes this restaurant unique as many Yong Tau Foo restaurants don’t normally sell it. If you’re not full just yet, you can also try their Curry Chee Cheong Fun. If you do not want something spicy, there’s also vegetarian meehoon, mee or kuey teow and many have claimed that the simple noodles are a delight.    


A small tip in hand: Parking may be a bit of a bother and the lunch crowd can get rather large especially lunch hours. It would be advisable to arrive at the restaurant before 1 pm during weekdays.


Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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